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We'll start with an initial, confidential consultation, at no charge. This gives us a chance to make sure we have a meeting of the minds. We'll talk about your project and how you'd like to approach it.  


Let's say, you need help with a treatment for a feature documentary or series. After we chat, if we're moving forward, you'll send me some initial materials. Then we'll talk at greater length, to map out a schedule and budget. Writing a treatment for you could be a three-step process: 


Phase OneResearch and prepare a rough outline. We'll talk!

Phase Two—  Write a first draft and get your feedback.   

Phase Three-_Prepare a revision of the text of the treatment.  

That's it.   Simple. Engaging and on schedule.   

Consult is free.  All services are $85 per hour.  

Storyboards for documentary production at

Typical storyboard 

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