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Episodic consults at

One of my specialties is advising production companies on the best way to structure an episodic series. I've recently served as series producer on Netflix's "The Innocence Files" and as lead story producer on Showtime's "The Lincoln Project."  For these and other episodic series, I've combed through hours of raw footage, consulted with producers and directors and then sat down to write detailed outlines -- not only for each episode, but the series as a whole.  These outlines are fluid, but the basic blueprints hold up.  And this keeps everyone --editors, producers, assistants, network executives and publicists all on the same page.  


In addition, I've been brought in during the early stages of production to consult with producers on how to sharpen their stories.  What is the best strategy to frame this particular story?   What are the concerns of the distributor and do they align with the production?  What kind of research best serves the narrative?  Who are the best interview subjects to tell this particular story?  This pre-production work will focus the team and I can promise tangible results.  

When the series is shot and the intensive editing begins (and costs go up) I've been brought in help the editorial workflow -- everything from writing paper edits, reviewing cuts and responding to notes.  

So, for you harried showrunners out there - give me a call when you need a hand.  



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