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Documentary stories take many forms. Verite. Interview-driven. Recreation-heavy, archival. Is it a profile? Is it investigative? Essay or immersive? Narrated? I can go on.


YOUR documentary deserves structure, scene and and character development. It needs mystery, suspense and poignancy. It needs facts. It needs to make the most of your footage. It needs to sing.  


When you and the editor script the story, you control the story. I started out writing newsmagazine stories. Dozens of them. I graduated to long-form docs and have written hundreds of scripts.  I've rewritten them, too. Sometimes 35 drafts of a single act! Just to get it right.

You can do it. I have a writing method that works. Send me your script. I'll break it down, and together we it build up. 

Simple. Rigorous. Battle-Tested.  

Good scripts require several rounds of edits
Write and outline first
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