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I'm a creative and experienced storyteller.  Over the course of my 20+ year career I have produced, directed and written dozens of documentaries and feature stories for networks such as Netflix, Showtime, HBO, TNT, A&E, Discovery and National Geographic.   On nearly every series I am handed the toughest and most demanding episode.  


I also supervise story for high-end documentary series, which means guiding the reporting, directing in the field, mapping out each episode and creating season-long story arcs.   In essence, I stand in for the director and build the story.  

Several of my most successful documentaries have explored the deep problems facing the criminal justice system in America. I have taken viewers inside death row, behind the scenes of the parole system and onto some of the grittiest streets in the country.  

I've also interviewed and profiled public figures, scripted historical documentaries and delved into science fiction and created documentary podcasts.

I came up the old fashioned way – I research, field-produce, interview, write and post produce. I get notes and give notes.   

At the heart of my work is a practical and straightforward approach to mapping out a story and marshaling the forces to put that story on the screen.  I've developed a time-tested process that helps you streamline your story and get the most out of your shoots and edits. 

My goal  is to help the next generation of filmmakers to focus their story and have a great time, too.  It's fun to do this work! 




  • Give Me Liberty:  The Book of Jerry & Becki, feature documentary (2024)

  • Class Action, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart (12 episode documentary podcast. 2022) 

  • The Lincoln Project, Showtime (5 episodes; 2022) 

  • The Innocence FilesNetflix (2 episodes; 2020).

  • Axios, HBO. Various Doc Segments (2019) 

  • Exile.  Feature Doc (TBA) 

  • Madidi.  Feature Doc.  (TBA) 

  • A Good End.  Podcast (2019). 

  • I Dreamed of Johnstown, Johnstown Film Festival, First Prize, (2018)

  • Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers, Oxygen (6 episodes; 2018) 

  • Killing Richard Glossip, Discovery ID (5 episodes; 2017) 

  • Parole Board: Victims Speak, LMN (2016) 

  • Judgment Day, Discovery ID (3 episodes; 2016)

  • Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru, Netflix (feature doc; 2015) 

  • Legends & Lies, Fox (4 episodes; 2015 & 2016). 

  • The System with Joe Berlinger: Geography of Punishment, Al Jazeera America (2014)

  • The System with Joe Berlinger: Eyewitness Identification, Al Jazeera America (2014)

  • The System with Joe Berlinger: False Confessions, Al Jazeera America (2014)

  • Gunslingers: Tom Horn, Discovery (2014)

  • Gunslingers:  Jesse James, Discovery (2014)

  • Boston's Finest, TNT (2 episodes; 2013)

  • Commander in Chief: JFK; George H. W. Bush; Barack Obama (3 episodes; 2013)  

  • After the First 48, A&E (4 episodes; 2009, 2011 & 2012) 

  • Prison Women, Nat Geo (2011)

  • Lost Fleet: Columbus, Nat Geo (2011)

  • Hard Time: The Worst of the Worst, Nat Geo (2011)

  • Hard Time: Rule Breakers, Nat Geo (2011)

  • History Detectives, PBS (2010)

  • On the Case with Paula Zahn, Discovery ID (4 episodes; 2009)

  • When Animals Strike, Discovery (2009)

  • Doomed to Die: 13 Hollywood Curses, E! (2008)

  • Unfriendly Skies: State of Travel, Travel Channel (2008)

  • Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls, ScyFy (2008) 

  • The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction, History (2007) 

  • Virginia Tech: Eyewitness to Tragedy, History (special; 2007)

  • Death in the Hamptons: Danny Pelosi, MSNBC (2007)

  • Sci-Fi Investigates: The Afterlife, SyFy (2006) 

  • Quest for Atlantis, SyFy (2006)

  • Conspiracy Files: CIA Mind Control, Discovery (2006)

  • Biography of the Year, A&E (2005) 

  • Biography: Buddy Ebsen, A&E (2005) 

  • The Fabulous Life: Celebrity Worship, VH1 (2005)

  • Biography: Lucky Luciano, A&E (2005)

  • Biography: Abbie Hoffman, A&E (2004)

  • Biography: Henry Lee Lucas, A&E (2004)

  • Investigative Reports: Who Is Mark Hacking? A&E (2004) 

  • War Stories with Oliver North, Fox News Channel (2004)

  • Breaking Point, Fox News Channel (3 episodes; 2003–2004)

  • Left at the Scene, History (2003) 

  • Celebrity Obsession, VH1 (2002) 

  • R. Kelly Sex Scandal, VH1(2002)

  • Biography: Robert F. Kennedy, A&E (2002) 

  • Biography: Carrie Fisher, A&E (2002)

  • LA Stories: Bank Heists, Travel Channel (2002)

  • The Night Stalker: Richard Ramirez, Discovery (2001)

  • Biography: Martha Stewart, A&E (2001)

  • Travels With Harry, A&E (special; 2001)

  • Biography: Jimmy Swaggart, A&E (2000)

  • Biography: Ben Vereen, A&E (2000)

  • Biography: Morgan Fairchild, A&E (2000) 


  • News Magazines


  • The Pulse, Fox (2003)

  • CBS Sunday Morning, CBS (1997–1998; 2002)

  • Business Unusual, CNN (1998–2000)

  • P.S.; Fast Forward, CBS Eye On People (1997)

  • RealLife, NBC (1996)

  • Chronicle WCVB-TV (1993–1996)



CLASS ACTION.  Nominated for Best Multi-Part Audio Documentary or Series. IDA

LINCOLN PROJECT. Nominated for Best Limited Documentary Series. Critics Choice Award.

TONY ROBBINS: I AM NOT YOUR GURU Audience Choice Award. American Documentary Film Festival

JUDGMENT DAY. Documentary TV Program. Silver Telly Award 

THE SYSTEM: Documentary TV Program. Silver Telly Award for "False Confession" episode  

COMMANDER IN CHIEF: Best  of 2012. Wall Street Journal 

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