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 A clip from The Lincoln Project series

THE question that haunts every documentary maker.

Whether you're just starting out, ready to make a leap or showrunning a big project,

you want a clear answer.  


You're trying to say something important about the world.  You have great footage. You have a compelling subject. But framing your story is proving to be overwhelming. 

I KNOW that feeling.  

And I was too proud to seek out advice.

After all, producers and directors are supposed to be cool.

We're supposed to know everything, right? 

Don't make that mistake.

CALL Doc Story 911.


In just a few one-on-one sessions, we'll map out your story from first treatment through final edit. Together, we'll turn your footage into a powerful documentary.  

NOW, let's talk about your story.  


I'm a creative and experienced storyteller.  Over the course of my 20+ year career I have produced, directed and written dozens of documentaries and feature stories for networks such as Netflix, Showtime, HBO, TNT, A&E, Discovery and National Geographic.

I also supervise story for high-end documentary series, which means guiding the reporting, directing in the field, mapping out each episode and creating season-long story arcs. 

Several of my most successful documentaries have explored the deep problems facing the criminal justice system in America. I have taken viewers inside death row, behind the scenes of the parole system and onto some of the grittiest streets in the country.  

I've also interviewed and profiled public figures, scripted historical documentaries and delved into science fiction and created documentary podcasts.


I came up the old fashioned way – I research, field-produce, interview, write and post produce. I get notes and give notes.   

At the heart of my work is a practical and straightforward approach to mapping out a story and marshaling the forces to put that story on the screen.  I've developed a time-tested process that helps you streamline your story and get the most out of your shoots and edits. 

My goal  is to help the next generation of filmmakers to focus their story and have a great time, too.  It's fun to do this work! 






Class Action is a 12-episode documentary podcast series about the next generation of lawyers.  

Best Multi-Part Audio Doc or Series Nominee

The Lincoln Project series promo

On location at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary 


finding your story

FROM idea to delivery 

I've been out there. I know how hard it is to get the right footage to tell a story. Every location has to count. Every character has to shine . Every interview has to hit the right notes. 

It's much harder without a strong point of view.   


Did you outline your story before you started shooting? Did you "cast" your subjects in advance?  Did you shoot actual scenes or just b-roll to cover soundbites? 

I'll break it to you: You have to plan for this stuff!

I've written dozens of treatments and can help you craft one that gets your film on track in development, in production and post. 

When you finally come off the road, you'll have a solid framework for editing. Your budget will be smarter. Your colleagues will be on the same page.  Your editor will love you. 


Don't hide.  Don't panic.   

Get in touch. 

 A clip from The Innocence Files Series 
Production stills
Evolving storyboards 
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